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Attempts to combat such illegal sites have brought some success

However, as already noted, a significant part of the demand has been transferred to other markets. Moreover, sellers and buyers are developing new methods of communication, including using distributed technologies and encrypted messengers like Telegram and WhatsApp. Thus, operators reduce the risk of closing the entire network of trading platforms belonging to them – even in the event of the liquidation of one site, the rest will continue to work.

Fraudulent schemes with Ethereum

In a brief teaser of this report, Chainalysis researchers have already stated that as a result of various fraudulent schemes, the owners of the Ethereum cryptocurrency lost $36 million in dollar terms in 2018. This, although twice as much as in 2017, when $17 million was stolen from users, however, it amounted to less than 0.01% of the total value of all ETH in circulation.

Thus, fraudulent schemes with Ethereum were among the least profitable for their organizers in 2018. Moreover, their very number has been steadily decreasing over the past year, although those that continued to operate were more extensive, and the methods of withdrawing funds from users were becoming more sophisticated.