Scheme of Physiotherapists Training in the Method Developed by Ludmila Mojzisova in the Czech Republic

The training is organized and performed by an institute involved in lifelong education of healthcare workers and accredited for the purpose by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. The training is available for physiotherapists with completed education and 2 years of practical experience.

The training course consists of 120 teaching hours and is divided into three units 3-4 weeks apart so that the trainees may practice the acquired knowledge and skills. Over 60 % of the training time is dedicated to practical skills and 40% deals with the theory, including 2-hour lectures by medical doctors with specializations in gynecology, anatomy and psychology.

The other theoretical lessons and practical skills are taught by a physiotherapist trained directly by the method’s author, Mrs. Ludmila Mojzisova, who had given her approval to teach the method in this way.

The number of participants in each course is limited to 16 so that during the practical training the lecturer is able to approach the trainees on a nearly individual basis. It is essential to note that the Mojzis method is taught through direct transfer of practical skills, as it was requested by the author. It would be difficult to use only words to teach the method or to rely on a mere description (lecture notes, textbooks) as it might lead to mistakes in the practical application.

The Mojzis method is a reflexive method which uses mobilization, soft techniques and passive movement, massages and thermal treatment procedures. The treatment focuses on the backbone, pelvis and muscles of the whole body. One special feature of the method is the pro-active involvement of the client or the client couple in the treatment, in terms of cooperation on development of the correct muscular corset.

The rate of success of the treatment with the Mojžíšová method ranges from 35% to 75%, depending on the diagnose type.

Indication for treatment:
Vertebrogenic disorders
Children scoliosis
Certain types of urine retention problems and incontinence
Certain types of constipation
Pelvalgia - pelvis pain

Hana Volejnikova, physiotherapist

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