Mrs. Ludmila Mojzisova worked at a rehabilitation department of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports. She treated the faculty students who suffered minor or major injuries of locomotive organs, she accompanied them at academic competitions and olympiads and took care of their good physical condition. Her optimistic, witty and cheery nature certainly contributed to the good mental condition of all those she was helping.

She developed her own system of care of her patients´ bodies  - she had a good spatial imagination, she studied specialized literature (which she was able to get on her trips abroad during the years of totalitarian rule), she possessed many findings and observations from her long years of practise when she treated young and basically healthy people, she had ideas and she had courage...

Her system of treatment – the Mojzis method – has turned out very effective to treat all disorders of the locomotive organs, particularly vertebrogenic disorders. As time went on, more and more famous athletes were coming from all fields of sports and games, as well as actors, artists, journalists, her friends, friends of the friends, relatives, colleagues, medical doctors ....

She was repeatedly asked by women, who she had treated for vertebrogenic disorders, if there was any connection between her treatment and infertility or menstrual pain. They asked because after the vertebrogenic pain disappeared the women often got pregnant, even after many years of other previous treatment, or they no more suffered from menstrual pain. Mrs. Mojzisova turned to her friend, a gynaecologist, for assistance and he started sending to her his patients with infertility problems. However, the patients were required to meet certain criteria. In this empirical manner Mrs. Mojzisova found out that her method was also able to treat some types of gynaecological problems.

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